Wednesday, December 19, 2018

"Jewish Privilege"? Um, No Thanks

According to this week's CJN, "Jewish Privilege" isn't an issue that's "black and white."

In what follows--my letter to the editor--I respectfully beg to differ:
There are several reasons why I don't agonize over my so-called "Jewish privilege." First, it is difficult to feel "privileged" when, despite being such a small slice of the population, Jews remain the number one target of hate crimes in Canada. 

Second, I decline to participate in the "intersectionality" sweepstakes, a toxic ideology which upholds victimhood as the highest virtue and which acts as cover for some of the worst anti-Semitism around: one need look no further than Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan for an example of that. 

Finally, I have read David Nirenberg's book Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition. It's a masterful account of how Western thought has been suffused with a type of Jew-hate that has little or nothing to do with actual Jews and/or Judaism, but which uses "the Jew" as a foil that enables the thinker to define ultimate good and bad. Whatever the thinker argues is, of course, "good," while its' opposite, whatever it is, is said to be "Jewish," and is therefore bad. Tragically, millions of real, live Jews have often suffered dire consequences because of this kind of thinking.

When placed in this context, a much bigger picture emerges, and the derision of Jews for their purported "white privilege" as well as its adjunct, the "intersectionality"-driven hatred of "Zionism," can be seen for what they really are.
Update: Here's an example of the "intersectionality"-driven hatred I was talking about:
They are also unified in the belief that Israel is the enemy of the righteous. Katbi Smith had worked hard for the passage of a BDS resolution, presented to members at the 2017 convention. When it passed, by almost  90% of the vote, she was ecstatic. She told Abraham Riesman, who was writing about the DSA for The Daily Beast, “It was electric. The room was on fire. It was amazing. We had a Palestinian flag that we waved as soon as it passed. We started chanting.”
And what they chanted was: “From the river to the sea. Palestine will be free.” In case there is any doubt, this is not a peaceful wish. It is a call for the elimination of Jews between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

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