Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Phyllis Chesler and the Real "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

In this Georgian era, Chesler observes, one's support for Israel is likely to get one shunned by the "progressive" mob (a group in the grip of a pathological GroupThink which fetishizes Palestinian victimhood and which views "Zionism" as a great--perhaps even the greatest--evil). Hence this reworking of a song despised both by #MeToo and the Muslim Brotherhood:

"Progressive" Feminists: You really can't stay.

Phyllis Chesler: But ladies it's cold outside!

PFs: Your views are outrĂ©

PC: But ladies it's cold outside!

PFs: We cannot abide the likes of you.

PC: There's nothing I can do!

PFs: We feminists stick together.
Present a united front.
Sarsour is our cherished sister
And "Zionists" take the brunt (of our fury)…
You really can't stay.
Go 'way tho' it's cold outside!

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