Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Obama-Made Debacle

Obama signed on to the UN's execrable "human rights" body thinking he might "reform" it from within. It hasn't exactly worked out that way, writes Anne Bayefsky. In fact, the U.S. has been reviled, rebuked and rejected, to the point that Obama now realizes there's only one clear way ahead: join the international gangbanging of Israel with even greater zeal than before.


Carlos Perera said...

Your humble servant does not believe that President Obama has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to "join the international gangbanging of Israel with even greater zeal than before." The predilection was there all along, but, because Jews are still--inexplicably in terms of ethnic self-interest--stalwarts of the Democratic party, with an impact well beyond their relative numbers in the population at large or even within the party in particular, he has had to modulate his anti-Zionist impulses. This is a man who sat for decades listening to the sermons of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, well-known for his close association with virulent black anti-Semites (like "Minister" Farrakhan) and no mean spewer of anti-Zionist--as well as baldly anti-Semitic--vitriol himself.

At this point, Mr. Obama might have figured that he no longer needs the level of Jewish support he had in 2008, and that, in any case, he will retain enough of it to put him over the top in 2012, if he can "fool [enough] of the people all of the time" with his "hope-and-change" and "I will absolve you honkies from your racial sins if you elect me" tropes. And, if he has concluded that he shall probably not be reelected in 2012, he might have decided to strip off his mask and try to impose as much of his ideological agenda on the U. S. and the world as he can get away with. In either case, things do not look good for Israel before 2013 (assuming the Republicans can take back the executive in 2012).

scaramouche said...

C,P.--He had the Jews at "hello". They'll vote for him no matter what. As to whether he can fool enough other Americans to get re-elected, I think it depends on how angry/disgusted/fed-up Americans are feeling on voting day and, to a lesser extent, on who the Republican candidate is.