Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tweeting The Way to Sharia?

We hear so much about how the "social media" are helping bring about democratic "change" in the Arab world. But what if they're doing the opposite--i.e. helping bring about the installation of oppressive, totalitarian sharia law?

Update: And speaking of "tweets," Montreal police are investigating a twitter critter who used the social media outlet to vent, spew and threaten. From the CJN:
Montreal police are investigating 21-year-old McGill student Haaris Khan after he allegedly threatened his peers with violent anti-Zionist and antisemitic posts on Twitter.
Khan posted the alarming tweets from his BlackBerry on March 8 while attending a film screening of Indoctrinate U on campus. The event was hosted by the McGill University Conservative Association and Libertarian McGill.

“I’m watching a Zionist/Conservative propaganda film at a secret Zionist convention,” Khan wrote on his then-public Twitter page. Minutes later, he posted that he “should have brought an M16.”

The film was a documentary about political correctness and liberal biases on university campuses.

Over the course of the evening, Khan posted several other tweets on the popular social networking site, including, “My blood is boiling. I want to shoot everyone in this room.”

Approximately 40 students attended the screening, held in McGill’s Leacock building.

Khan later posted that he would “destroy the Jew-WASP consortium” and that “the jihad begins today.”

Another post said he had no attachment to McGill’s Muslim Students’ Association or other Arab groups, insisting that he “had no base camp behind him.”

He continued with posts that read, “Zionism was born of the venomous seed of Satan” and said that he objected to the “sluggish tactics and concentration of power by the Toronto-Jewish circle at McGill.”...
The lad has quite a way with words. Must be an English major. ;)

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