Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poll Finds Canuckis Concerned About Holocaust 'Equality'

We're now "polling" people to see which genocide gets exhibit space in the "human rights" mausoleum? OMG! From the Globe and Mail:
A poll sponsored by two organizations opposed to the exhibition plans of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights indicates Canadians wish to have “one exhibit which covers all genocides equally” rather than one zone devoted to “a particular genocide” such as the Holocaust and another dedicated to others.

The telephone poll of 1,216 adults, conducted earlier this month by Nanos Research, is the latest instalment in an ongoing feud between various communities and the CMHR over the Winnipeg-based museum’s plans to establish a large, permanent space highlighting the Holocaust and a separate one for other atrocities, such as 3.3 million Ukrainians starved to death under Stalin in 1932-33 and the 1915 Armenian genocide.

The poll was paid for by Canadians for Genocide Education and the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the last being one of the most vociferous opponents of the CMHR’s current plans. Of the 1,216 respondents, just over 60 per cent said they want the CMHR to adopt a “one exhibit/all genocides” approach, whereas close to 25 per cent prefer “one gallery [highlighting] a particular genocide permanently, while [grouping] the others ... together in a separate exhibit.” Just over 15 per cent of respondents said they were “unsure.”...
Well, it makes perfect sense. If you ask "diversity"-indoctinated Canuckis if they think all "holocausts" should be treated "equally," what the heck do you think they're going to say?

Here's a better polling question: Do you as a Canadian taxpayer want to be on the hook for paying for this moneypit, this ill-conceived laughingstock of a "museum," forever?


island breezes said...

It surprises me that they could find that many Canadians having an 'opinion' on genocide at all. The Genocide Awareness Project (not on the gov't teat) has been vilified for bringing the 'museum' to the people- so to speak... Furious Canadian feminists are appalled at genocide equality . Canadian media investigates peoples rights - not to talk about genocide- but rather to NOT HEAR about genocide.
Canada- the land of 'leave me alone already'.

scaramouche said...

I think Canadians are always keen to show how "virtuous" and "fair-minded" they are.

Unknown said...

I have repeatedly emailed the Rights Museum to see that the Anglo concentration camps in South Africa would be included over 26,ooo Boers and over 20,000 blacks died in the first called concentration camps.I have not received a response after a number of weeks. Even Hitler said he got the idea from the Boer war for the concentration camps,I guess blacks and Afrikaaners dont count in the Museum ,interestly many Canadians assisted the British in herding the inmates into the camps.