Thursday, September 7, 2017

Canada's Nutty NAFTA Strategy Is a Surefire Loser

Bottom line: Justin Trudeau imposed a carbon tax on Canadians and wants the Americans to do the same. The Toronto Sun's Lorrie Goldstein explains why that one's an obvious non-starter:
...Trudeau’s national carbon price -- imposed by the provinces -- is a massive tax grab on Canadians, which will have no significant impact on emissions. 
The only way it’s relevant to NAFTA is that it places an added cost on our industries -- and Canadian consumers and taxpayers who ultimately pay it -- that the Americans don’t have. 
Canada’s position on NAFTA is to get the Trump administration to agree to an equivalent national carbon price for the U.S., which it has never had, despite the fact the U.S. just withdrew from the Paris climate deal. Right.
What a brilliant plan! I'm so glad that the really "smart" Liberals are in charge of our negotiations, aren't you?

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