Sunday, September 3, 2017

Teaching Sharia

That's exactly what a federally-funded indoctrination program aimed at the young and impressionable does. Begging the question, WTF?:
Parents across the U.S. have objected to a Department of Education program called “Access Islam.” The federally-funded program is directed at children from grades 5-12 and is also featured on various websites, including PBS Learning Media. 
The Smithsonian also promotes the course as does the Indiana Department of Education and the United Nations. 
Parents charge that the course amounts to nothing less than proselytizing about Islam in public schools. In addition, they note that the Department of Education provides no comparable study or promotion of any other religion. 
A video from the course prominently features a Christian convert to Islam, who declares emotionally how he has found the true religion without any “intermediaries.” 
In addition to videos, students are given worksheets to learn the Five Pillars of Islam and how to pray. Children are also expected to memorize verses from the Quran and know the meaning of those verses... 

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