Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Today's "Allahu Akbar" Reality Check Is a Sobering One

The lesson, in brief: turns out the 9/11 attacks were the best thing to happen to Islam in our time.

How so?

Mark Steyn lays it all out for us:
After 16 years of western military occupation, the Taliban control more territory in Afghanistan than at any time since the first US troops went in. On the other hand, after 16 years of accelerating Islamic immigration, Europe has more no-go zones, more sharia courts, more refugees, more covered women, more Muslim-dominated schoolhouses, more radical mosques, more female genital mutilation, more grooming and gang rape, more Muslim Brotherhood front groups, more Muslim mayors and legislators, more Muslim-funded Middle East Studies programs at universities ...and fewer churches, fewer Jews in Toulouse, fewer gays in Amsterdam, fewer unaccompanied women out after dark in German and Swedish cities, fewer historical representations of Mohammed in Continental museums, art galleries and scholarly books, fewer mixed bathing sessions at municipal swimming pools, fewer lessons on the Crusades and the Holocaust in European schools ...and less and less free speech in some of the oldest democracies on earth. 
In Afghanistan, we're fighting for something not worth winning, and we're losing. In Europe, Islam is fighting for something very much winning, and they're advancing. And, according to all the official strategists in Washington and elsewhere, these two things are nothing to do with each other.
Also, sixteen years on, most people are no more wised up about the jihad than they were on the day that Mo Atta and his cadre of afterlife virgin-seekers "martyred" themselves for Allah. In fact, most people are determined to remain blissfully ignorant about the core Islamic doctrine that continues to motivate jihadi antics, and don't you dare go and excavate them from their holy texts (or holy "context"), you racist/bigot/Islamophobe! If you do, you will have answer for your effrontery, for your failure to understand, in the words of the poet, that "Human kind cannot bear very much reality."

Never could. Never will.

Update: Thanks to our pea-brained prime minister, you can add "sexist" to the racist/bigot/Islamophobe chain.

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