Tuesday, December 19, 2017

'An 8 On the Frighten Scale'

Apparently there's a Mo's (short for Moses's) Scale of Frightening, and a "scary" letter sent to a number of synagogues in Montreal and Toronto is said to register near the top.

Me? I don't get frightened by such things (which are created precisely to get the sort of rise out of people that has been reported--so mission accomplished, unidentified Jew-hater!). On the Mo's scale, the sight of, say, seething Zion-loathers hoisting Hezbo flags and spewing hate with complete impunity on the grounds of the Ontario legislature, part of the Grandiose Ayatollah's annual eliminationistpalooza, is a lot more frightening. (I'd give it a 9.)

A Toronto synagogue opened this letter on Monday, the same one sent to at least four other synagogues in the country. Toronto police are investigating.

Ooo, scary!


Harold said...

Does that say something about the quality of our new immigrants? They bring their biases and antisemitism to Canada.

scaramouche said...

They do indeed, which means Jews should expect to be targeted by Jew-haters of all stripes.