Friday, December 8, 2017

Dumb 'Toon

It's this one, in today's Toronto Sun:

I sent the following in response:
So editorial cartoonist Andy Donato thinks that "making Jerusalem the capital of Israel" was a "stupid" thing for Donald Gump, I mean Trump, to do?

Here's a newsflash for Donato. Donald Trump did not "make" Jerusalem Israel's capital. In fact, Jerusalem has been around as a the Jews' capital city for an estimated 3,000 years or so. It is where two holy temples were built and later destroyed. It was, is and will always be Jewry's eternal capital, even as it retains significance for Christians and Muslims too.

And the idea that Trump could "make" it the capital (when what he really did was to recognize the glaringly obvious)--now, that's stupid!


Harold said...

Great comment. Hope to see it in print.

Frances said...

Totally agree: Jerusalem has always been - at least since King David - the Jewish capital.