Sunday, February 4, 2018

On the Occasion of the Islamic Revolution's 40th Anniversary, Local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash Touts Iran's Awesomeness

According to Bangash, Iran's daft and deranged theocrats (including the current Shia-in-chief) are doing a fantabulous job:
The Islamic Revolution that occurred 40 years ago this month (February) overthrew a Western-imposed regime in Iran. The Islamic Revolution did more: it drove a nail in the coffin of the Western crafted political order that was imposed after the Second World War. The imperialists and Zionists — beneficiaries of the imposed order — saw the Islamic Revolution as a threat to their vested interests, hence their hostility.
The "Islamic Revolution" (so called) and Iran's impending status as a nuclear powerhouse is a threat to the civilized world and humankind as a whole.


End of story. 

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