Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Few Selections From "Justin and the Amazing Multiculti Dream Socks"

1. Those Harper Years (to the tune of "Those Canaan Days")

Do you remember the good days in Canada?
When UNRWA was sidelined for once.
A PM who never played dress up
And wasn't a dolt or a dunce.

Now the UN's all the rage.
Maggie's son is on the stage.
Et c'est dommage--the Justin Age.

Those Harper years we used to praise
Before those socks and "sunny ways."
Eh bien, let's give three cheers
To those Harper years.

Image result for justin trudeau socks cartoon

2. Trudeau Calypso (to the tune of "Benjamin Calypso")

Oh, no! No he!
How he got elected is a mystery.
Watch out! Beware!
Justin is as clever as a bag of hair.

We see him get an easy ride.
The media, you see, are on his side.
We hear the voice of the CBC
Kvelling that he's all that he can be.

Oh, no! No he!
How he got elected is a mystery.
Oh, merde! Not good.
Justin acts as if he were in Bollywood.

3. One More Trudeau in Office (to the tune of "One More Angel in Heaven")

People, I've something to tell you. 
This story makes me sob.
A tragic, ridiculous tale
Of a guy who's not up to the job.
You know 'bout Pierre's eldest fil?
Well, now he is the chief.
So feel your sorrow, go and grieve
'Cause it defies belief.

There's one more Trudeau in office.
There's one more Lib in their hearts.
Except for the shrewdness and smarts.
There's one more lefty in charge now.
There's one more leader sans skill.
The country's adrift and at sea, folks,
Because of that fool on the Hill.

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