Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Selley Silliness

The NatPo's Chris Selley writes:
The Ottawa Citizen‘s Dan Gardner correctly notes that the stupidest thing about Justin Trudeau’s objection to describing honour killings and gender-based violence as “barbaric” in the citizenship guide wasn’t, in fact, his objection — stupid and ill-judged though it was. Rather, the stupidest thing was the Prime Minister’s Office’s utterly predictable Justin-Trudeau-is-OK-with-honour-killings-and-when-will-he-apologize response. This is, as Gardner says, “utterly typical” of the Conservatives’ Nixonian bent. He’s quite right. But we don’t think anyone should diminish how silly Mr. Trudeau came off. Yes, “barbaric” is a strong word — but Mr. Trudeau says he agrees the practices in question are barbaric. So why wouldn’t we say so?
You're dead wrong, Chris 'n' Dan. The stupidest thing by far was Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff wishing away "honour killing" as a specific category of murder.

As for "the Conservatives' Nixonian bent," that's just plain silly, Selley.

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