Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The CBC's Neil Macdonald Has a Go At Explaining the "Mob's" Antipathy to Justin (A.K.A. "Trudeau Derangement Syndrome")

And, oddly enough, he kind of gets it right:
Their near-crazed hatred of Trudeau — far more muscular than what they directed at Paul Martin or Jean Chrétien — is a bit puzzling. Because, after all, while Trudeau is a good-looking, amicable fellow, married to a lovely woman with whom he fathers lovely children, he's really nothing more than a garden-variety liberal. 
He's devoted to wealth redistribution, and taxing (and borrowing) and spending, without much discipline. Just ask the experts who study fiscal discipline. 
He promised to reform the electoral system and failed. He may or may not legalize marijuana nationwide. He sells war ordnance to Saudi Arabia, which of course uses it to kill people, and then his government pronounces itself concerned. 
He's tossed money at Indigenous people, which they deserve, and the emcee at his swearing-in intoned the new catechism about how everyone was standing on the unceded land of the such-and-such a tribe (although I noticed there was no mention of giving Rideau Hall back).
Wealth redistribution; taxing us up the wazoo; sucking up--big time--to the Indigenous: yup, that's exactly what we have against him.

That and his less than impressive IQ and oratorical skills (he always sounds like he's a drama student reading out lines in class), and his propensity to play ethnic dress up (the better to pander to certain voters).

However, I would not characterize it as "hatred"--that's far too strong a word.

I reserve my "hatred" for the likes of ISIS, Hamas and Iran's Grandiose Ayatollah.

What I feel toward Justin--and this is about as heated as it gets--is..."meh."

And sometimes--for example, when he summarily rewards a terrorist with oodles of loot--"feh."

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