Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dear President Trump: Justin Trudeau is NOT Spectacular--and Neither Is Our "Points-Based" Immigration System

In crafting his legal immigration policy, Donald Trump, who has used the "s" word in referring to Justin's performance, is supposedly taking his cues from the Canadian approach:
The administration is citing its northern neighbour as an inspiration for an immigration reform that contains definite traces of Canadian influence — but to find them, you'd need to squint past major aspects of the plan. 
The point of commonality is a points-based system in which applicants with high skills get favoured in Canada and Australia, a program pioneered a half-century ago in the Great White North which the U.S. says it now wants to emulate. 
Such a move would revolutionize an American system that has historically relied on employers and families sponsoring newcomers, in favour of just letting people apply and get a points grade based on skills and education. 
"The points-based system that Canada has, has a lot to recommend it," said Stephen Miller, a presidential adviser.
That's fine and dandy, but it doesn't take into account the fact that Canada opens its doors to untold thousands of refugees who, because of their unique victimhood status, are often as unskilled and uneducated as can be. And all they have to do is get past the Immigration and Refugee Board, a bunch of gatekeepers who tend to be highly receptive to refugee claimants from Muslim lands (or so a close relative, who has spent decades dealing with this particular government bureaucracy, has told me).

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