Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mother Goose for the Mooch

Icarus, dicarus, Trump,
The Mooch is in the dump.
All his foul-mouthed attacks
Up and melted his wax.
Icarus, dicarus, Trump.

Ding dong dell,
The Mooch is gone; oh, well.
Who invited him?
It wasn't Steve or Jim.
Who kicked him out?

The Gen., without a doubt.
What a naughty boy was he
To try to be Trump's Mini Me.

The Mooch wasn't nimble; 
The Mooch wasn't clean;
The Mooch was blue
And quite obscene.

Update: Word is that bully boy Scaramucci has invested his shekels in an "anti-bullying musical" (news which, I have to say, sort of makes my day).

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