Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Justin Trudeau and His Socks Make Vanity Fair's List of "Best Dressed International Men"

They're situated between Jack Schlossberg (Caroline Kennedy's kid) and a notably hosiery-less LeBron James.

JT's entry (I quote from my physical copy of the magazine since this is as far as I can seem to get in the virtual world) reads as follows:
OCCUPATION: Prime minister of Canada.
MOST NOTABLE ACCESORY OF THE YEAR: Mismatched blue and yellow R2D2 and C-3PO Star Wars socks, worn to a meeting with the Irish prime minister.
Surely it isn't necessary to point out that had anyone other than pretty boy Justin worn this mismatched set, it would have been pegged as either an egregious fashion faux pas, or as a strange and rather pathetic instance of arrested development.


gama said...

I expect La Chatte, Sopie, will need to explode again in MSM to get her gender equity of narcissist attention ...... Otherwise I surmise the hair brushes are being flung with envy in the Trudeau household ....

gama said...

Every time this simpleton faces a political issue with real political consequences..... he summons the Media  to do a fluff piece on him ....... ahhhh isn't he so  adorable..... every single time his media fart-catchers come to their messiah's rescue.... every single time  .....