Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Is Sharia a Consideration In Some Canadian Judicial Decisions?

The answer to that, shockingly enough, is yes. The Toronto Sun's Candice Malcolm has the details:
Take, for instance, the recent case of an Ottawa man who was found not guilty of sexual assault because the judge determined that the man’s Muslim faith led him to think he could have sex with his wife anytime he wanted.

The court heard stories of the man abusing his wife, and forcefully having sex with her even when she asked him to stop. But according to the judge, “both he and she believed that he had the right to do so.”

He may have that ‘right’ under Sharia Law, but not under Canadian law. In Canada, women have equal rights to men, and that means the right to say ‘no.’

This ruling is not an anomaly. Another recent Ontario court gave a Muslim man a reduced sentence after he was found guilty of abusing his children, hitting his wife and forcefully having sex with her.

The judge attributed the lighter sentence to “a significant culture gap” between accepted behavior in Canada and in his native Iran.
There's no need to institute de facto sharia when "progressives" can sneak it in de jure.

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