Tuesday, January 23, 2018

L'Oreal's First Hijab-Wearing Model Backs Out of Ad Campaign When Her Zion-Loathing Tweets Are Exposed

Just days after British beauty blogger Amena Khan made headlines for being the first hijab-wearing woman featured in a hair campaign by landing a deal with L’Oréal Paris, Khan is backing out of the campaign.

The blogger announced on Instagram that she would no longer be a part of the historic ads because of the controversy surrounding tweets she wrote in 2014. According to BBC.com, her tweets are said to have expressed “anti-Israel” views.

“I deeply regret the content of the tweets I made in 2014, and sincerely apologise for the upset and hurt that they have caused,” she wrote.

“Championing diversity is one of my passions, I don’t discriminate against anyone. I have chosen to delete them as they do not represent the message of harmony that I stand for.”
In other words, "I love everyone...'cept for those damn Joooooos!" 

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