Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jonathan Kay Sees Jerusalem As "A City of Curses"

He writes (in the CJN):
Jerusalem is unique – a place where even non-religious visitors will report feeling something sacred. But I never feel it. The opposite, in fact: remove the conceit of the divine, and history shows Jerusalem to be a city of curses.
I couldn't disagree more:
How sad for Jonathan Kay that his experience and understanding of Jerusalem is that it's "a city of curses." Having been there many times over the course of my life, most recently in the summer of 2015, the city has never failed to move me in a positive way--to astonish with its ravishing beauty, to fascinate with its antiquity, to make me feel connected to my Jewish ancestry and to Jewish history, instantly and viscerally. A visit to Yerushalayim never fails to invigorate me, and inspire me to want to return again and again. In that sense, I see Jerusalem as a city of blessings and not, heaven help us, of "curses."

That clearly not being the case with Kay, he might want to do himself--and us--a huge favour and simply stay away.  

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