Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Just In Time for Toronto's Latest "Al Quds Day"...

The editorial in the Toronto Sun details "The true, malevolent face of the Iranian regime," that band of theocratic brigands whose avowed aim is a genocide of the Jews, beginning with the ones in Israel.

Here's the brief letter I sent in response:
In view of the Iranian leader's vow to, in his own words, "eradicate Israel," here's a question to pose to Mayor John Tory: Why is Toronto permitting yet another "Al Quds Day," an annual event initiated by the late Ayatollah Khomeini in order to "protest" Israel's effrontery in daring to exist, to take place in our city?
In an instance of perfect timing, Gatestone's Bassam Tawil explains why the Khomeinists' "Justice, Peace & Love" palaver is a bunch of malarkey:
Yelling lies about Israel and Jews does not make one "pro-Palestinian." It only makes one an Israel-hater. Hating Israel does not improve human rights conditions for Palestinians living under Hamas and Fatah. Instead, it serves as a distraction and even facilitates Fatah and Hamas in suppressing public freedoms and human rights.

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