Thursday, June 28, 2018

What Price Justin Trudeau's Gory Glory?

Canada is sending a bunch of soldiers--"peacekeepers"--to Mali, a godforsaken backwater where jihad is being waged, and where there is no discernable peace to keep.

There's an excellent reason, though, why the Liberal government would want to put Canadians in harm's way. In a nutshell, it's because the Trudeau crew is hoping to endear itself to the UN in a bid to gain a seat on the Security Council.

That's right. This government see nothing wrong--and everything right--about sacrificing Canadian lives as payment--blood money, really--for a phony baloney seat at a phony baloney table.

Why ordinary Canadians aren't up in arms, so to speak, about this reprehensible trade-off is anyone's guess.


Frances said...

Actually, Scaramouche, I think it's rather more than just the temporary position on the security council. I think Justin baby figures himself as the next Secretary-General of the UN. Sadly, I think the UN deserves him.

Frances said...

Actually, I'm thinking our PM is aiming higher - as in the next Secretary-General of the UN.