Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Orwellian Euphemism Du Jour: The Trudeau Gov't Calling Returing ISIS Fighters "High Risk Travellers"

Just don't call 'em jihadis, kay? Because that would be soooo "Islamophobic":
In the sanitizing Orwellian newspeak employed by the Canadian government, the terrorists are not jihadis who left Canada to commit the most heinous crimes, such as torture, rape and murder, while fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but "High Risk Travelers" and "High Risk Returnees".

The government is fully aware of the security risk to which it is subjecting Canadians: According to the documents, "HRRs [High Risk Returnees] can pose a significant threat to the national security of Canada". This fact raises the question of why the government of Canada is keen to facilitate these people's "right of return" -- when presumably the primary obligation of the government is to safeguard the security of law-abiding Canadian citizens.
To add insult to injury, the Trudeau minions insist that ISIS fighters with Canadian citizenship are entitled to--wait for it--"a right of return."

You know, like diaspora Jews do vis-à-vis Israel. (And like Palestinians claim to have vis-à-vis "Palestine," i.e. Israel).

Something very wrong with putting it like that, no?

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Frances said...

That's on a par with the Toronto police force characterizing members of local gangs as living a "high risk lifestyle". I always thought that meant those who took up rock climbing, or paragliding, or the more extreme sports.