Monday, November 20, 2017

E Is For Eliminate the Jewish State

Oddly enough, that's not one of the pairings in a "woke" alphabet book meant to indoctrinate the lefty moppets. However, "I is for Intifada" did indeed make the cut:
A new alphabet book for children has been attacked after one of its pages appeared to reference the Palestinian intifada. 
The book, “P is for Palestine”, was published in New York last week after raising nearly $16,000 (£12,000) in an internet crowdfunding campaign
Pages in the book include “A is for Arabic”, “G is for Gaza” and “Q is for Quds”, the Arabic word for Jerusalem. 
But it was the entry for the letter I – “I is for Intifada” – that triggered heated debate on social media. 
Beneath a drawing of barbed wire, the page text reads: “Intifada is Arabic for rising up for what is right, if you are a kid or grownup!”
To be clear, "intifada" is a euphemism for "jihad" (another word which, go figure, is nowhere in sight).

The children's book was published last week

Update: Not-yet-ready for a crowdfunding campaign, here's The Li'l Lefty's ABCs:
A is for Antifa, who fight the alt-Right.
B is for Bernie, whose ideas burn so bright.
C is for Chomsky--he's edgy and hot.
D is for Diversity--of provenance, not thought.
E is for Educate, in ideas that aren't moot.
F is for Ferguson--"hands up, don't shoot."
G is for Gender, which is changeable and fluid.
H is for Hillary--it's too bad she blew it.
I is for Intersectional--one for all and all for one.
J is for Justin, Pierre's cutest son.
K is for Karl, our favorite Marx.
L is for Lenin, who still gives off sparks.
M is for Muslims, friendly helpers, the whole lot of 'em.
N is for Nicaragua's fighters--we've never forgotten 'em.
O is for Obama, a Prez we'd still choose.
P is for Palestine, oppressed by the Jews.
Q for Queer, as in LGBTQ.
R is for Redistribute--take from me, give to you.
S is for Socialism, which we'd still like to try.
T is for Triggers, which make us all cry.
U is for Underdogs--we think that they're tops.
V is for Victimhood--it never, ever stops.
W is for Wokeness, a trait of our kind.
X is for Malcom--we adored his keen mind.
Y is for Yesterday, which we'd like to revise.
Z is for Zeal--it's the light in our eyes.

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