Sunday, November 5, 2017

Re the Russian Revolution, the Ceeb Deploys Its Usual Moral Relativism

There's no argument: the enterprise was totalitarian and resulted in misery, deprivation and millions upon millions of deaths. And yet, in its infinite wisdom (ha!), CBC radio's Sunday Edition insists that
In 2017, the legacy of the Russian Revolution is fiercely contested. 

For some, the revolution remains a symbol of liberation from oppression — proof that capitalism can be challenged and empires can fall.  Some see it as a cautionary tale about how lofty dreams can turn to nightmares — and for others, the whole enterprise was poisonous and doomed from the beginning.
For "some"? Yeah for, say, Cuba's Castros and for Kim Jong Un. Also for those in academe who, despite the lessons of history, still adore Karl Marx and believe in his utopian fantasy of absolute equality.

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