Thursday, November 2, 2017

Israel Takes the Lead In Dealing With the Immense "Lone-Wolf Challenge"

All too often these days authorities are quick to reassure the public that a feat of jihad that results in many deaths has not been plotted by a larger terrorism network (a la, say, 9/11/01) but is solely the work of a "lone wolf."

As if that's supposed to be comforting.

Israel, naturally, views the existence of the "lone wolf" in an entirely different way--i.e. not as a source of relief but as something that poses an enormous, perhaps even an existential, threat to the West--and has developed a specific strategy to deal with it. Here's how Avshalom Peled, Israel's top cop, sees it:
While there is no typical lone wolf, Peled said, “what is common is the motivation of the ideology of extremist Islamic teachings, with the encouragement of Islamic terror organizations.” 
Social media, Peled emphasized, is “one of the main tools of incitement producing lone-wolf terrorists.” 
The lone-wolf challenge, he said, prompted the Israel Police to create “new procedures covering six main areas to deal with lone wolves — operational and tactical methods; intelligence; technology; dialogue; training; and public awareness.” 
According to Peled, Israel’s security bodies — including the police, Shin Bet and IDF — have bolstered their cooperation to handle the threat. 
“We’re building responsive joint command centers, which enable us to respond quickly and effectively during an event,” he said...
Israel "gets" the immensity of the "lone wolf" threat. For the Cuomos and the de Blasios to "get it," they would first have to acknowledge the threat and no longer position it as a "comfort" or a "relief"--and, given their pathological leftist blindness, there's no way that's going to happen any time soon.

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