Thursday, November 9, 2017

Maybe Next Time She'll Think Before She Tweets (or Maybe Not)

The Toronto Sun's Lorrie Goldstein weighs in on Trudeau's environment minister claiming that her tweet high-fiving the Syrian despot for signing on to the Paris climate change agenda was all a big mistake. It should come as no surprise that Goldstein isn't buying her CO2 emissions:
As many others, aghast at Canada’s praise for the murderous Syrian regime, took McKenna to task, her ministry deleted its pro-Syrian tweet and McKenna tweeted in response to Raitt, on her own, “Catherine McKenna @cathmckenna” account — which also features a photo of her smiling as its avatar: “Clearly a mistake was made from my Dept Twitter. We’ve been clear that the murderous Assad regime must end attacks against its people.” 
Unfortunately, the impact of McKenna’s correction was diminished somewhat by the fact the pinned tweet on her personal account (one chosen by the user to be the first tweet everyone who comes to the site sees) was a picture of McKenna posing as a “Climate Crusader” in a green mask, beside Justin Trudeau as Clark Kent/Superman, with the message, “We all need to be superheros (sic) in the fight against climate change. #HappyHalloween Canada! #ClimateCrusader.”
To be clear: there are no grownups in the Liberal government.

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