Monday, November 6, 2017

That's Their Made Up Story and They're Stickin' To It

Jihad Watch has a must-read piece on how the mainstream media has glommed onto a good guys/bad guys narrative vis-à-vis Israel and the Palestinians, even though it is predicated on the fiction that current problems arose in 1967, and even though it is blind to the resurgent supremacist Islam that imperils the rest of the West, too.

Is there anything worse than this crappy reportage based on an agreed-upon false narrative?

Why, yes; yes there is.

There are those like Neil Macdonald of the CBC who take great delight in spewing the Big Lie du jour--i.e. that Israel practices a form of "apartheid." 

Update: Speaking of crappy reportage based on an agreed-upon false narrative, the Ceeb's Derek "Rhymes With Awful" Stoffel is peerless at it.

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