Sunday, February 21, 2010

99 and 44/100ths Percent Pure B.S.

The Arab Commission for Human Rights (what a risible concept) 'splains how its understanding of "rights" differs from, say, the UN Universal Declaration's (my emphasis):
Many of the 'North' and international organizations are affected by a western vision which concentrates its efforts on the problems of arbitrary detention, judicial supervision, enforced disappearances, and torture. Such vision neglects economic, social and cultural rights as well as many other essential rights to the existence of a human being. Such a situation necessitates that a comparison which is based on an indivisible and a wholesome approach toward all human rights in the Arab world as a whole is maintained.
Yes, concentrating one's efforts on arbitrary detention and the rest: that's soooo kafir. What's required is the "wholesome approach" of sharia law.

And speaking of "wholesome"--isn't it a pleasant word, redolent of healthy, fresh ingredients and girls who wash with Ivory soap (99 and 44/100ths% pure)? One is reminded of the time noted Canadian "human rights" activist Mohamed Elmasry described Islam as "holistic," an appealing word with New Age-y connotations.

"Wholesome"; "holistic": both so much nicer sounding than "totalitarian," don't you think?

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