Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Human Rights" Fatwa Against Security Scanners

The Fiqh Council of North America isn't the only body up in arms (so to speak) about airport security scanners that reveal every nekkid nook and cranny. A British "human rights" outfit has major concerns about them, too. From the Telegraph (my bolds):
The Equality and Human Rights Commission says it has “serious doubts” about the Government’s decision to install the devices at terminals across the country in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bomb attempt on a transatlantic airliner.
It claims they may breach passengers’ rights to privacy, because the machines create images of their naked bodies as well as any hidden explosives and weapons. The watchdog says they might also break discrimination law because Muslim or Arab travellers cannot find out if they are being unfairly targeted by security staff...
Yes, that would be awful. Out of "fairness" one must also target those who would never in a million years think of tucking a bomb into their knickers--say, that Icelandic granny and the Tibetan Yak herd in line along with Muslim and Arab travellers. Otherwise it's "profiling"--and one can see how for a certain segment of society that's far more problematic than the possiblity of unsuspecting passengers being incinerated in mid-air.

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