Friday, February 19, 2010

Be-Lynched, Bothered and Redacted Am I...

Blazing Cat Fur's "freedom" of information request finally comes through but, go figure, almost all of it has been blacked out by Jen Lynch and her intrepid censors.

Apparently, "freedom of information" in Canada means you're free to dig into your pocket and cough up lots of dough-re-mi to see all the info that isn't there.

Update: "The Commission partners with employers, community groups and others to increase commitment to human rights. It also works with various media and takes advantage of technologies, such as the Internet, to ensure that as many people as possible, from coast to coast, have access to information about human rights."

Of course, if you want access to information about how the "human rights" commission is availing itself of technology by keeping tabs on your blog, that's a different story. That info is inaccessible, the property of Jennifer Lynch, Queen Censor, Redactionary-in-Chief.

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Blazingcatfur said...

Jennifer Lynch is paranoid.