Friday, February 19, 2010

Wasting Our Money Indiscriminately From Coast to Coast

Although the "human rights" apparatchiks are convinced that Canada is a seething cauldron of majority-on-"racialized"-minorities-hatred that they alone can remediate, the actual cases they are called upon to adjudicate tell a different tale. Here, for instance, is what the British Columbia rights 'roos have been up to--a nutty case involving non-existent "discrimination" against a guy who suffered injuries in a traffic accident (linked on steynonline). And here's a case that recently wrapped up in Manitoba (the province playing host to the nation's new "human rights" mausoleum) involving non-existent "discrimination" against an ex-con who was dismissed for doing a half-assed job as a janitor at an old age home.

I wonder how much money the non-cases of non-discrimination cost the taxpayers of these two provinces. How ever much it was, it was money ill-spent.

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