Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Herald Heckles the Hunter

A Calgary Herald editorial heralds the coming courtroom showdown between Ezra Levant and the CJC's beloved "Nazi hunter":
...We are glad to see that Warman is suing Levant, not out of disagreement with the combative Calgary lawyer, but for the simple reason that Warman will finally have to spend his own money in a real court, rather than availing himself of commission time and resources at taxpayer expense.
We loath (sic) neo-Nazi sentiments, but the whole affair reminds us of Matthew Hopkins, who appointed himself England's "Witchfinder General" in the mid-1600s. He hunted down an estimated 200 witches, turning them over to authorities at the price of one pound per witch.

One pound per witch, huh? Even factoring in the cost of inflation, that seems like pretty slim pickings compared to what Warman was netting (tax free) per "gotcha".

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Jim R said...

When you consider inflation from 1600, I would say Richard was getting the going price today, no more or less, than the original bounty hunters. :-)