Thursday, February 18, 2010

Master; Bastard: Same Diff

The news that the Shias are crowing about being the "master of enrichment" prompted me to snatch this one--a parody of Les Miz's "Master of the House"--from the vault. The master/bastard being referred to is Ahmadinjad; the "house" is the UN General Assembly, where the bastard was permitted to give yet another speech:

Bastard in the house,
Doling out the harm.
Ready with some lies to raise the world’s alarm.
Tells an age-old tale: Jews are a disease.
Delegates appreciate his joie de vive.
Glad to do the world a favour,
Finish what Nazis began.
‘Cause the Mahdi ain't returning
'Til the rogue enacts his plan.

Bastard in the house, sets the Durban tone.
Five whole days, Geneva is a Jew-hate zone.
Ban Ki-Moon sits there.
Doesn’t utter “boo”.
He’s complicit in the psychopathy, too.
Everybody loves a winner.
Mullahs got a winning scheme.
Bastard gets asked out to dinner.
Jeez! It's like a bad, bad dream...

Bastard in the house, isn’t worth our spit!
Deceiver, true believer, and he's full of sh*t.
Cunning as a fox, Ayatollah's chum.
Thinks he’s quite the orator; my G-d, what scum!
What an awful trick of hist’ry
Landed us with such a louse?
Thanks to Jimmy and Brzezinski
We’re stuck with bastard in the house!

Bastard in the house.
Got himself a bomb.
And it seems there’s plenty more where it came from.
Gonna nuke the Jews, won't it be divine
When at last Dar al Islam is Judenrein?
Everybody curse the bastard--
The tiger to Obama's mouse.
Everybody raise a glass,
(Raise it up the bastard’s ass),
Everybody raise a glass to smash
The bastard and his house!

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