Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Women's 'Rights' Eroding

A bunch of hard lefty chicks who think the world's out of whack when Conservatives are in office are kvetching that they're not as "equal" as they wannabe. From the Toronto Star (my bolds):
OTTAWA–Canada won't be winning many medals next month when the United Nations takes stock of women's equality around the world, according to a new report that charts "systematic erosion" in the status of Canadian women since 2004.
The stinging report, which cites backward progress in everything from pay equity to child care, was prepared by an alliance of feminist and labour activists to counter the more flattering picture the federal Conservative government presented to the UN for the assessment.

The UN is convening a special session in March to mark 15 years since the huge Beijing conference on women in 1995, which laid out plans of action for all participating nations – including Canada.

Women have lost ground due to the elimination of funding for advocacy groups, the scrapping of a national child-care program and a widening wage gap between men and women, the report notes...
Man the ramparts! Burn your bras! Grow your armpit hair! Throw off your burkas!

Er, sorry. I got carried away there for a moment. Too bad the "alliance of feminist and labour activists," the same folks who are apt to blubber copious croc tears over the plight of the poor, downtrodden Palestinians, never think to gripe about the paucity of "equality" under sharia law. Funny, that. Could it be that their agenda has more to do with the desire to, well, control the agenda than it does with their horror over receding "rights"? As for me, I count my blessings every day that I, a woman, do not have to live under the depredations of sharia. And, frankly, the government decision to cut funds for far-left "advocacy groups"--one of the best things the Conservatives have done.


Josephine said...

Well said, Scaramouche!

scaramouche said...

Thanks, Josephine.