Monday, November 25, 2013

Dershy On the Nuke Deal

The sage of Harvard weighs in hyperbolically but not necessarily inaccurately:
Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said Sunday that the Obama administration was naive and had possibly made a "cataclysmic error of gigantic proportions" in its deal to ease sanctions on Iran in exchange for an opening up of the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.
"I think it could turn out to be a cataclysmic error of gigantic proportions," Dershowitz said of the deal, which he described as "naive."
"It could also turn out to be successful, to be the beginning of a negotiated resolution," Dershowitz told Newsmax on Sunday. "But I think the likelihood of it being the former is considerably greater."
So do I.


Unknown said...

Dershowitz has been an outspoken, name-dropping Obama supporter for years. He said Obama offered Dersh assurances "to his face". Like that counts for anything.
Anyway, Obama has pulled another rabbit out of the hat - managed to get people to stop talking about Obamacare, come hell or high water.

scaramouche said...

Turns out it was Dershy who was "naïve" and whose belief in and endorsement of Obama was a cataclysmic mistake.