Monday, November 18, 2013

You've Heard About Camelot But What About Obamelot?

Here's Mark Steyn on how, fifty years ago, a quick-thinking widow hitched a mediocre musical with a grandiose theme to her late husband's abbreviated presidency. And here's my revision of its titular song:

It's true! It's true!
He hasn't got a clue.
And now his minions don't know what to do.

A plan was crafted sev'ral years ago now.
Alas, it seems that is has been for naught.
ObamaCare's collapsing as we know now
In 'Bamelot.
An economic sector so unfettered,
So tantalizing its control was sought.
They thought that health insurance could be bettered
In 'Bamelot.

Obamelot! Obamelot!
It should have given people pause.
That Obamelot, Obamelot
Has passed some awful laws.

He promised if you liked stuff
You could keep it,
A line the trusting people eas'ly bought.
Don't let it be forgot
So weasels will get caught
And pay the price for hubris
As it's known in 'Bamelot!

Update: An Obamabot defends Obamelot (and Obama a lot).

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