Monday, November 18, 2013

RIP Jennifer Lynch, Head of Canada's Federal "Human Rights" Commisariat

One hesitates to speak ill of the just-deceased, but the woman was responsible for this freedom-killing bilge:
 I believe critics of human-rights commissions and tribunals are manipulating information and activities around rights cases and freedom of expression to further a new agenda. This agenda posits that rights commissions and tribunals, and the attendant vigilance over all the rights and freedoms Canadians now enjoy, no longer serve a useful purpose. In this way, the debate over freedom of expression has been used as a wedge to undermine and distort our human-rights system. 
Ironically, a debate about balancing rights has not itself been balanced. One can only surmise that if these critics succeed, thus would begin a broader assault on freedoms they would subordinate to absolute freedom of expression.
In fact, it's La Lynch and her ilk who would sacrifice free speech on the altar of "hurt feelings." I'm sorry she has passed, but I wish I could say the same of the tinpot bureaucracy of busybodies which she championed and over which she presided.

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