Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Er, Do They Also Have to Take the Drums Out for a Walk?

"Aboriginal education" for non-Aboriginals is all the rage at the Toronto District School Board:
Queen Alexandra Celebrates “Aboriginal Education for All”  
Earlier this month, students from Queen Alexandra Middle School had the exciting opportunity to participate in a very special and unique “drum awakening”. This process began last spring when students, in collaboration with Arts for Children and Youth (AFCY), participated in workshops related to aboriginal culture and tradition. Students were able to participate in drumming lessons with visiting guest artists. As a culminating activity, students were able to make their own traditional Aboriginal hand drums.  
These drums had been curing at Queen Alexandra for 6 months, and finally, they were ready to be “awakened”. Our students watered the drums, "fed" the drums and heated them. The drums were finally ready to have their first sharing and on November 12th, the students performed on their drums for the first time.  
With the support of AFCY Toronto, all of the students at Queen Alexandra over the upcoming weeks, will have the opportunity to learn to play these aboriginal hand drums.
I'd love to see them take this drum awakening program to the TDSB mosqueteria Middle School, but, of course, the board wouldn't dream of doing such a thing because it would be perceived as trying to foist paganism on the mosqueteria kids.

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