Thursday, November 28, 2013

The O-Care Fallout for Canada (Hint: It Involves Justin Trudeau)

Sitting in my doctor's waiting room yesterday, I couldn't help but think: I like my doctor and, thankfully, I get to keep her. That's because I live in Canada, where the health care system is socialized but isn't, thank God, Obamafied.

Maclean's magazine's Colby Cosh has some thoughts on the subject:
The redistributive aspects of Obamacare were undersold, and possible pitfalls obviously not foreseen. The neoliberal Democrat Walter Russell Mead put it neatly the other day: “President Obama may be the Democrat who ends up convincing millions of American millennials that Ronald Reagan was right, and that the progressive administrative state is neither honest nor competent enough to solve the problems of the American people.” If that is the case, the effects cannot be confined to the U.S. 
Barack Obama is a charismatic president who lacked executive experience but was, partly for reasons related to his ancestry, an attractive blank slate onto which young voters could project their dreams. He compensated for his shortcomings in political dues-paying by building a team of high-profile brainiacs like Steven Chu, Peter Orszag, and Austan Goolsbee. Am I wrong to detect resemblances with the Liberals’ Justin Trudeau victory plan? If Obama goes down as a failure, someone who peddled Hope and got in over his head, will our millennials think twice about casting a feel-good vote for an unknown quantity who fast-forwarded past the usual leadership training?
Actually, I don't think our millennials will give the O-Care debacle a second thought. Not when they can get caught up in a swoony, woozy, hopeychangey election par-tay of their very own. For as I like to observe: leftists swoon in haste and repent, well, never.

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