Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Genuine Free Speech on Campus IS Possible

The University of Colorado shows how it's done:
The University of Colorado, which has a reputation for liberal politics, has banned discrimination based on political affiliation -- giving greater protection to students and faculty who speak their minds while on campus. 
The policy is believed to be a first for any public college or university, and could help protect campus conservatives who might fear retribution for expressing their views in the classroom, or in written assignments.  
While the measure was sponsored by two Republicans, the change was unanimously passed by the entire Board of Regents. 
Regent Sue Sharkey, who spent months working on the policy change, points out: "This just wasn't a Republican or conservative initiative. Rather, we as a board came together as Democrats and Republicans to be unified." 
Sharkey says it covers students and faculty, "to ensure... we were honoring their First Amendment rights and they could speak out on their political views and not feel they would be discriminated against based on that."...
Might this be a template for other universities?

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