Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just Desserts: Ontario Gov Target of "Human Rights" Complaint By a "Victim" Group; Cabinet Minister Says She's "Puzzled" By the Action

Sure, the government has no problem when some unsuspecting shlub gets dragged though the "human rights" process (where the process is the punishment, even if no monetary punishment is meted out at the end of it). But it doesn't much care for it when they're the target of a complaint:
TORONTO – Health Minister Deb Matthews is pouring cold water on a bid by Ontario midwives to double their salaries to almost $200,000 a year. 
The Association of Ontario Midwives has filed a human rights complaint over what it says is the government’s refusal to comply with pay equity for midwives.
It says midwives “suffer a gender penalty” because they are a female-dominated workforce. 
Matthews says the government wants more midwives so women have another option when giving birth, but she can’t understand why they’d ask to double their pay. 
The health minister says she is “puzzled by their approach.”...
"Puzzled," is she? That's a laugh and a half. Here in Ontario we encourage people to avail themselves of the "human rights" racket any time they feel they've been victimized.

Deb has visited the OHRC website, hasn't she? It's all spelled out very clearly there.

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