Thursday, May 22, 2014

If You Think the 9/11 Museum Flogging Gift Shop Tchotchkes Is Wrong, What About Canada's Shrine to Victimhood (A.K.A. the "Human Rights" Mausoleum) Flogging "Human Rights" Bonbons?

Re the former, read this. Re the latter, read this:

Le bonbon

Box of 4 - $16.75
Constance Popp has created a delightful bonbon in support of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights – a double dose of goodness. 
This Fair Trade chocolate is a layered truffle (just like the building!) whose ingredients draw on cross cultural food symbolism, pertaining to peace and human rights. 
Made from an array of fresh local ingredients: sage, pomegranate, single source Fair Trade chocolate from Peru and Ghana, Himalayan sea salt and local honey – Le bonbon will remind you that each action we take, including the purchase of gifts and the food choices we make - can support the advancement of human rights.
They may be "human rightsy" but they'll still make you fat.

Le bonbon
Almost 17 bucks for only four bonbons?
What's in 'em--fair trade gold?

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Unknown said...

Have you seen this yet?

Reminds me of the Harvard satanic mass, did they lose their cross?