Monday, May 26, 2014

Zionhass Festers in Europe Where They Like Their Jews Good and Dead

Ben Cohen writes:
It’s often quipped that European governments have a decent record of commemorating dead Jews, as evidenced by the numerous Holocaust memorials across the continent, and a pretty awful record when it comes to protecting live ones. The imperative of guaranteeing freedom of speech necessarily limits any actions that governments can take against anti-Semitic incitement, but that should not prevent European leaders from explicitly recognizing where this poison springs from. It is not enough to say, as did the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, that the Brussels atrocity “was an attack on European values which we cannot tolerate.” Only when Europe’s politicians finally acknowledge that the continent’s culture of Israel-hatred–expressed through boycott campaigns, degrading films and cartoons, frequent analogies between Israel and Nazi Germany or apartheid-era South Africa, and much else besides–is what lies behind this deadly violence, will we finally be able to say that some progress in confronting this social disease has been made.
Very true, but he forgets to mention the fact that, partly to atone for the Holocaust, the continent which divested itself of Jewry opened its doors to millions of immigrants from Arab and Muslim lands, who brought with them an inbred loathing for "the Jew" borne of Islamic doctrine. It is the pent-up synergy of two groups--the secular left and the Islamic--which makes today's version of Jew-hate (I call it Zionhass) even more virulent than previous forms.

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