Sunday, May 25, 2014

Irony Lost on MTV as it Includes CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood Entity, In Pro-LGBT Campaign

MTV, the home of such egregious dreck as Teen Mom 2, has launched an ambitious campaign aimed at its target audience:
MTV is launching a new campaign to appeal to younger viewers by tapping into the issues affecting them right now: race, gender, and sexual identity, the network’s president, Stephen Friedman, told BuzzFeed. 
The network’s new “Look Different” campaign — a combination of on-air and digital content, plus social media, which will be officially announced later today — is aimed to “accelerate [the] fight against racial, gender & LGBT inequality,” according to a press release.
Apparently, Steve sees no contradiction in including CAIR, a racket with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (which as we know--and as per Islamic law--is hardly an LGBT-friendly entity), in the effort.

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