Monday, May 19, 2014

Montreal Police Arrest an Unnamed Lad Who Built 19, Count 'Em, 19 IEDs in His Basement Apartment

Police aren't releasing his name, but he appears to have lots of neighbours named "Mohamed" (that is, the ones interviewed here have that name).

Police have assured reporters that the 18-year-old was acting entirely on his own (because that's what he told them, so best take him at his word, right?), and that he seems to have some sort of "mental illness."

Now, it could be that the bomb-maker was merely an addlepated hobbyist named, say, Jean Poutine. Then again, it could be that his mental disorder is what we here in the West would diagnose as "jihad imperative syndrome."

Unless police are prepared to give us his name and some other pertinent details, however, we may never know for sure.

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