Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tudors Out, Middle East In for Students in the U.K.

Considering that this represents a further slide down the road to decline and fall, and that the spin is likely to be pro-Arab/anti-Jew, it sounds like a terrible idea to me:
Sixth-form history students will be taught more about the Middle East as part of a national overhaul of the A-level curriculum, a leading exam body has announced.
OCR, one of the country’s biggest exam’s boards, revealed on Monday that its history courses will soon switch focus from recent British history to a broader range of international topics – spanning at least 200 years.  
Pupils will learn about the rise of Islam between 550 and 750AD, as well as developments in the Middle East over the last century leading up to the Arab Spring
The fact that they're using that inaccurate cliché for it provides a preview of coming distortions. But, hey, as long as it's only those boring old Tudors who are being edged out, there's no problem, right?:
This will give less time to studying more traditional history subjects such as the Second World War and the Tudors. 
Mike Goddard, OCR head of history, said: “School history has been criticised, sometimes unfairly, for being too repetitive and for having a 20th century, Western focus. Hitler and the Henrys can dominate.   
“Universities tell us they want incoming students to have greater breadth of knowledge.  
“It’s vital that schools and colleges have an opportunity to deliver, for example, the history of pre-colonial, non-western civilisations, alongside British history.”
In other words, Hitler and the Henrys (i.e. British triumphalism) make way for Muhammad and the Muslims (i.e. Islamic triumphalism).

Out with the old, in with the...older?

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