Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jewish Scribbler Claims Onus Is On Israel to Entice Alienated American-Jewish Young'uns to Embrace the Jewish State

In analyzing the reasons for the disenchantment, he writes:
The conclusions as far as policies are concerned are as follows: Israel might be able to somewhat help the American Jewish community in thinking how to reverse the trend of intermarriage or find new ways to connect intermarried Jews to the community and to Judaism. But it cannot run away from having to also develop a better way for it to connect with young "liberal" Jews. Namely, to adopt both a policy and a vocabulary that doesn't alienate such Jews.
That is, if it cares enough to attempt to keep them close. And of course, it doesn't have to: the ultimate conclusion of some Israelis can be that losing young American liberals is still preferable to altering Israeli policies and language. But that's a matter for a different discussion.
How can you expect these young people to have positive feelings for the Jewish state when they don't have positive feelings about being Jewish? Doesn't Israel have enough on its plate with internal discord, global BDS madness and the existential threat posed by genocide-minded jihadis (some of whom may already have nuclear weapons) to have to worry about currying favour with these "alienated" young people? And really now, how could Israel even hope to compete with the ideology such youth espouse, i.e. squishy, secular leftism, which has an inherently pro-victim/anti-Zionist bias? These kids have been indoctrinated so thoroughly and for so long that getting through to them is well nigh impossible--so why bother trying? If, indeed, some do come to their senses, they will do so individually, and because their current "religion" fails to afford them the personal and spiritual fulfillment they seek.

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