Friday, May 30, 2014

Zionhass Photo Montage A.O.K. for Ottawa City Hall

Would Ottawa City Hall give approval for an exhibit that depicted, say, Mohamed Atta and Osama bin Laden in a positive light? Of course not. So why would it give thumbs up to this?
According to the Toronto Sun, Canada's capital Ottawa's city hall has no plans to take down an exhibit that honors Palestinian terrorists.
Toronto-based artist Rehab Nazzal created the exhibit featuring pictures of "lost artists, activists, writers and leaders." The pictures feature the face of Abu Iyad, a founder of the Black September terrorist organization responsible for the murders of 11 Israelis at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics.
Dalal Mughrabi is also featured in the exhibit. Mughrabi orchestrated the 1978 Coastal Bus attack that killed 38 Israelis, including 13 children.
The mastermind of the Ma'alot school massacre, Khalil Nazzal, is also honored. The terrorist attack, which took place 40 years ago this month, resulted in the deaths of 22 children and 3 adults. The Israeli Embassy in Ottawa says that the exhibit's creator is a relative of Khalil Nazzal.
Numerous other terrorists are also featured. Abu Jihad, the former head of Fatah's military wing, led the 1975 Tel Aviv Savoy Hotel attack, killing eight innocent civilians, and the 1978 Coastal Bus Attack.
Israeli Ambassador Rafael Barak said that he is not demanding that the exhibit be taken down, but wants the Canadian public to understand that some of the artists and leaders are terrorists who have murdered innocent civilians. 
The exhibit, obviously, is misnamed. It should be called "Jew-Killers, Jackals and Jihadis."

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