Thursday, May 25, 2017

Didja Hear About the Didsbury Mosque and the, Er, Services It Offers?

The mosque is--or, rather, was--the preferred place of worship of Manchester's mass murdering jihadi. It is now trying to distance itself from him (best o' luck with that, chaps). One of the services it offers--sharia, baby:
Sharia Department

The Sharia Department is supervised by Sheikh Salem Sheikhi, who is assisted by his deputy Sheikh Mohammed Saeed.  E-mail:
Opening hours of Shari’a Department 
Monday to Thursday 10 am to 3 pm, Friday: 2 pm to 3 pm
The most important services provided by the Sharia department include:
  1. Issuing Fatwas
  1.  Issues related to the Muslim Family’s affairs in Britain.
    1. Contracts:
      1. Performing marriage contracts and sermons.
      2. Arranging Islamic power of attorney contracts relating to marriages.
      3. Issuing divorce certificates on behalf of the husband.
      4. Issuing Khul’ certificates.
      5. Issuing confirmation of Islam certificates for new Muslims.
    1. Solving family disputes:
      1. Issuing divorce resolutions in the following cases
        1. Domestic abuse from the husband.
        2. Irreconcilable disputes between husband and wife.
        3. Abandonment of the wife by the husband.
        4. Sexual problems.
      1. Issuing Khul’ resolutions by the head of The Sharia Department in cases of the husband’s refusal.
    1. Advice and consultations:
      1. Providing Sharia consultations regarding family disputes.
      2. Providing courses in family relations in Islam.
  1. Other issues regarding general personal affairs:
    1. Providing assistance writing Sharia compliant wills.
    2. Distribution of inheritance according to Sharia.
  1. The calculation of Zakat.
  1. Financial Transactions:
    1. Providing consultation and advice in financial disputes.
    2. Devising commercial contracts compliant with Sharia.
    3. Sharia adjudication in financial disputes.
  1. Mediation between the different sections of the Muslim community in Great Britain.
  1. Intervention to solve and assist with problems regarding child abscondance.  
Bear in mind that all this is being offered in a city in England, the land that gave us the Magna Carta and birthed modern notions about freedom and civil rights.

One wonders why Abedi bothered to blow up infidels when they're heading in the right direction (so to speak) anyway, and on their own.

Update: Prior to taking up residency at 10 Downing Street, Theresa May had nothing but praise for sharia in the UK:
May sparked controversy when she spoke out in support of the Islamic courts operating in the country, telling the nation they could "benefit a great deal" from Sharia teachings.
Benefit? What a crock! And what a silly cow! 

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